May 23, 2008

Audio and video guide to the Climate Change Social Change Conference

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A conference to strengthen radical social action to stop climate change
April 11-13, 2008, Sydney, Australia


Friday April 11 Redfern Community Centre

10.30-­12 noon

Major workshop:

Indigenous communities, climate change and the struggle for country [Audio]--

  • Sam Watson, Biri Gubba, Munnejarl man from the Brisbane Murri community; activist since high school
  • Pat Eatock, Kairie community elder, Aboriginal Rights Coalition, Sydney, secretary NationalAboriginal Alliance

1­ 2.30pm
Major workshop

Nuclear is still not the answer [Audio]
Jim Green, Friends of the Earth anti-nuclear campaigner
Wenny Theresia, Australian Student Environment Network
Genevieve Kelly, anti-Lucas Heights reactor campaigner, lecturer University of Western Sydney

Concurrent workshops
Sydney Girls High School

6 for 6.30pm:

Public meeting:

Climate change and its social roots [Audio]
John Bellamy Foster, editor of Monthly Review; author of Marx's Ecology: Materialism and Nature [Video]
Patrick Bond, University of KwaZulu-Natal; editor of Climate Change, Carbon Trading and Civil Society
David Spratt, Carbon Equity, co-author Climate Code Red
James Goodman, social researcher, University of Technology in Sydney

Saturday April 12 Sydney Girls High School


Climate change solutions: what role for the market? [Audio]
Patrick Bond
John Kaye, Greens NSW MLC
Stuart Rosewarne, co-editor Journal of Australian Political Economy and Capitalism, Nature, Socialism
Renfrey Clarke, Green Left Weekly
11.15am ­ 12.45 pm
Major workshop

The Cuban experience: the challenge of fossil fuels and climate change [Audio]
Roberto Perez, Cuban biologist and permaculturalist, Antonio Núñez Jimenez Foundation for Nature and Humanity, Cuban NGO
Concurrent workshops

  • On the precipice: why climate is an emergency, David Spratt
  • Protecting jobs and the environment [Audio] Tim Gooden ­ Secretary Geelong Trades and Labour Council; Ben Courtice ­ AMWU Victorian branch environment activist; Cam Walker ­ Friends of the Earth Melbourne; Steve Phillips ­ Rising Tide

1.45­3.15 pm


Ecology, capitalism and socialism --John Bellamy Foster [Audio]

3.30 ­ - 5pm
Major workshop

Power privatization and the environment [Audio]
Matt Thistlethwaite, Unions NSW deputy assistant secretary
John Kaye, Greens NSW MLC
Dick Nichols, author Environment, Capitalism, Socialism, Socialist Alliance national coordinator
Concurrent workshops
Conference dinner
  • Roberto Perez: Cuba ­ from economic collapse to sustainability
Roberto is a Cuban biologist and permaculturalist, Antonio Núñez Jimenez Foundation for Nature and Humanity, Cuban NGO

Sunday April 13 Sydney Girls High School

9­10.30 am


Transitions to sustainability [Audio & Slideshow]
Mark Diesendorf, Institute of Environmental Studies, University of NSW
Adrian Whitehead, Zero Emission Network
Stephanie Long, Friends of the Earth Australia's international climate justice spokesperson
Roberto Perez
10.30­10.45 am
Conference Greetings
Minister Counsellor Nelson Dávila Lameda,
Venezuelan Chargé d'Affaires in Australia
10.45am ­ 12.15pm
Major workshop

Sustainable energy solutions [Audio & Slideshow]
Mark Diesendorf -- Institute of Environmental Studies, University of NSW
Concurrent workshops
  • Why we must ration the future [Audio] , Damien Lawson
  • Climate refugees, adaptation issues in the global south, Stephanie Long
  • Individual and collective solutions: getting the balance right [Text & Audio], Terry Townsend ­ Democratic Socialist Perspective and editor of Links; Lauren Carroll-Harris ­ Resistance
  • Cutting emissions, ditching coal, Graham Brown ­ former coal miner; Angela Nagle ­ RisingTide
  • Food security, eating oil and the future of agriculture: permaculture solutions, Robyn Francis­ international permaculture design and sustainability consultant, educator and facilitator
12.15­1.15 pm

Venezuela Solidarity Action [Video]

1.15­ 2.45pm
Major workshop:

Radicalising the Australian climate change movement [Audio]
Simon Cunich, Resistance
Vanessa Bowden, Climate camp
Mel Barnes, Students Against the Pulp Mill
Ben Courtice, World Environment Day, Melbourne
Concurrent workshops
  • Setting up ecosocialist networks in your city [Audio], John Rice -Adelaide ecosocialist network
  • Securing water in a warmer Australia, Renfrey Clark ­ Green Left Weekly
  • Drought-resistant plants and fart-free pastures: can GM crops save us? Adam Breasley ­former researcher, Australian Gene Ethics Network; Frances Murrell ­ Mothers Against Genetic Engineering (MAdGE); Louise Sales ­ Greenpeace
  • Energy revolution: Cuba and Venezuela, Tim Anderson ­ political science lecturer, Sydney Uni,Marlene Obeid ­ solidarity activist
3 ­ 4.45 pm Plenary & resolutions

Strategies for winning [Audio]
Dick Nichols
John Rice, Adelaide Ecosocialist Network
John Bellamy Foster
Read Conference statement
4.45 ­ 5pm
Conference close

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