July 15, 2011

Rosa Luxembourg:

Essayist, memoirist, and critic Vivian Gornick, author of  The Men in My Life and Fierce Attachments, and Paul LeBlanc, professor of history at La Roche University and editor of Rosa Luxemburg: Reflections and Writings.
Hosts: Marissa Brostoff
Broadcast Date: Jun 12 2011 Beyond the Pale 

Rosa Luxemburg was a revolutionary icon, a pathbreaking Marxist theorist, and, according to the editors of Verso's new volume of her correspondence, a "fanatical" letter writer. Gornick and LeBlanc discuss--and debate--what Luxemburg's letters can tell us about women and communism at the dawn of the Soviet era.
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October 29, 2009

SLIDESHOW Countering the racist lies & building solidarity with refugees

[These are presentation notes to accompany the Powerpoint Presentation which was delivered by Paul Benedek to a refugee forum  organised by the Socialist Alliance in Brisbane on October 27th, 2009  ]


Focus of this is on countering the dangerous, racist lies – from politicians, from media – that create climate of fear, of scapegoating. Just what is behind this “fortress Australia” policy?

As Alex – Tamil spokesperson for the boat currently in Indonesia, where a recent hunger strike was held – told GLW: “When people are fleeing war and genocide, how can a country think protecting themselves is more important than helping these people? The world is for all of humankind, we are just like you except we do not have a country.”

“We are refugees and we want to get away from genocide”, Alex said. “There are women and children on board here. And we are not animals, we are people, but we are being treated inhumanely.”

April 14, 2009

AUDIO: Capitalism and Climate Change -- Ian Angus

Ian Angus is the editor of climateandcapitalism.com and founder of the Eco-socialist International Network.

He is also associate editor of Socialist Voice and the director of the Socialist History Project.

Ian was on tour in Australia (Perth poster left) in the run up to the World at a Crossroads conference to be held in Sydney on the Easter weekend.

Ian’s talk addressed the link between our capitalist economic system and the degradation of our environment. This talk was recorded at the Adelaide South West Community Centre on Sunday the 5th of April.

This talk was broadcast on Radio Adelaide on the 8th of April


December 19, 2008

Richard Wolff: real wages and the current economic crash

from Tribeca Radio Podcasts » Steal This Radio

Marxist economist Richard Wolff explores the underpinnings of the crisis the capitalist system is facing today.

Tune in to STEAL THIS RADIO, hosted by Mitchel Cohen and broadcast only over the internet at NYTalkRadio.net (Click on “Listen Live”) on Friday, December 19th at 11 am, and repeated Tuesday, December 23rd at 8 pm.

Rick Wolff explains that real wages have not increased in the U.S. in almost 40 years, and that the capitalist class offered easy credit to compensate for that, which was a key factor in leading to the current crash. You can also read one of Prof. Wolff’s recent articles online


November 26, 2008

The Enigma of Capital

Source:The Enigma of Capital

City University of New York Graduate Center

by David Harvey
November 14, 2008
1 hour 2 minutes